Say what again. (moejoesqueegie) wrote in thinkgoodthotz,
Say what again.


Death, for me, is a reminder that our time here is finite - a reminder that true significance is our impact and inlfuence in a positive way upon those around us whose lives we touch.

As I have said before and am hope to live long enough to say again, : ) - let every memory be a nail which holds a beam that I build on.

Let it be the pillar for my nursery if I ever have one. Let it be their lives be the foundation for my house, the brick and mortar of our souls.

Each day is a gift, more precious than the last, each passing of a friend is a gift, a sweet reminder to use this as an opportunity to tell those around us we love them... Is it not? How much more significance can you ask for?

What we do here with our time matters, enjoy the fruits of your labour, relish in the company of others, build to the positive.
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