Say what again. (moejoesqueegie) wrote in thinkgoodthotz,
Say what again.


Put things into perspective, be grateful that we have jobs, be grateful we can sit in traffic, how long would you act the way you are acting if you new you were going to die in the coming weeks. Spend time with your family, spend time with your friends. Enjoy the journey. Our time is finite. Spend more time making a life than earning a living. Make peace with yourself instead of living frustrated.

Enjoy every season, yes there will be tough times. Easy, you know they are coming, what's the big deal? You know problems are going to happen and guess what you know they are going to pass. Enjoy every day. Let's have fun, let's choose to, make conscious a decision to trust the universe knows best.

So what we drive a piece o'crap car. It sure beats walking. So what we have to walk, it is liberating, not being dependent on a car. You and I may not live in the perfect barbie dream house, it beats not having a roof over our heads. It is a journey not a destination.

Most of life is routine, enjoy it.
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Well said.